Is This You?

Does this describe where you are currently at with your marketing?


  • You have a good website but you need to drive more traffic to it?
  • You know you need to start digital marketing but don’t know where to start?
  • You know what you want to do with your marketing but don’t have the time and resources in-house to work on it
  • You just need a little extra marketing or media help at busy times?
  • You can do most of the marketing in-house but you need a bit of help with a one-off writing, design or event project.
  • You have a website but it is not easy to view it on mobile devices?
  • Stuck in a rut and want to investigate new marketing ideas?
  • You’ve set up Facebook and Twitter for your company but don’t know how to use it strategically for marketing, or don’t have the time to do so.

If any of these describes your situation, we can help…contact us now to find out how.

10 reasons to choose Sporting Horse Promotions for your marketing:

1. You benefit from one-to-one advice of senior experts in their specialist fields – from social media and internet marketing through to traditional PR and design and print – ensuring real creative input and no-nonsense solutions. You won’t get fobbed off with ‘juniors’.

2. We understand the needs of the equestrian media and have wide ranging contacts across equestrian sports. Director, Sandy Thwaites is herself a freelance contributor to various county publications.

3. &, because we have specialised in this sector for many years, we understand the way these markets work and today’s industry issues.

4. We understand your customer needs because we are ourselves, users of your products as horse owners ourselves.

5. We are results- driven. We care about doing a good job and enjoy working with in-house marketing teams of organisations to grow their business; setting out realistic targets from the outset.

6. We have a proven track record, with case studies and testimonials to demonstrate this.

7. We offer a flexible-resource which you can pick up and use as and when you need it. Project work is ‘the norm’ in the current challenging economic environment.

8. Every business has different needs at different times and some marketing methods will take longer to deliver results than others so we don’t package up our services, but seek to deliver PR and marketing campaigns tailor-made to individual briefs. The results can only be as good as the original brief.

9. Because we can keep overheads low, we can offer all this, for a fraction of the price of larger agencies.

10. Today’s marketing may be on-line driven, we believe that, fundamentally, it is still about ‘people’; which is why we offer a free initial consultation to bounce around some ideas and see if our ‘faces’ fit.