Equestrian Social Media Case Study




A saddlery store with strong local following.  Also delivering on-line fulfilment nationally.

The Challenge:

To reawaken/bump start the social media and increase engagement to increase motivation for online purchase. Ultimately to train up in-house staff to undertake more effective social media activity themselves.

The Solution:

Increased strategic social media activity, directed specifically at Facebook and Twitter to start with.

The Results:

Within just 8-10 weeks of commencement, the store has already made significant inroads into building a community conducive to ongoing sales:

1)            Facebook

  • Increased the reach of content by 580%
  • Grew the number of people talking about their Facebook content by 150%
  • Nearly 10 times more people were talking on Facebook about the client’, than their nearest equivalent competitor
  • Nearly as many (83%) talking on Facebook about their client as one of their larger comeptitors

2)            Twitter

  • Added 27 Twitter Followers
  • Twitter activity increased by 60%
  • Achieved same Klout Twitter performance rating – 43 – as their nearest equivalent size competitors.  Where competitors scored higher reflected the amount of time and resources these companies devoted to Twitter activity.

3)            Conversions

Even in this relatively short period, Sales generated through Organic Facebook traffic increased by 300% on year on year.


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Posted on

February 27, 2015

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